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3. Select products

When applying for trademark registration, you must select products (goods and services) for which the trademark will be used. Your exclusive rights apply only to the products you choose.

The products are divided into an international class system. Class 1-34 is for goods and class 35-45 for services.

Please note the following:

  • A product may be included in several classes if it has multiple purposes or is made of different materials (such as safety gloves and normal gloves).
  • If you are selling your own goods, you can choose to apply for only one class of goods, such as "Class 25: Clothes". Sales and marketing of the product is included in the exclusive right you receive upon registration.
  • Ar you offering a service to others, such as "beauty care", or are you selling other people's goods? Then you must choose a service class.
  • You can choose broad terms such as "clothing" or "pharmaceutical products" in Norway and the EU. You do not need to specify "pants" or "heart medicine". An exception to this is the service "sale of goods to others". In this case, you must specify which items you are selling (sale of clothing, toys or sporting goods). Some countries, including the United States, always require a more detailed specification of the products.

You can not add more products after you have filed your application. It is therefore important to consider carefully which products you are planning to use the trademark for, now and in the future.

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