Collective Marks

An association of businesses can give its members exclusive rights to use a trademark, or other symbols for its goods and services.

Examples of such associations could be an association of painters, doctors or horse trainers.

Government bodies, foundations, companies and such like, which carry out periodic inspection of goods and services may also register a collective mark, as may bodies which set standards for goods and services.

Individuals can not be assigned exclusive rights to collective marks.

The mark may be used on goods to which the standard applies, for example an environmental mark, control mark, etc.

The rules applying to the registration of trademarks also apply to the registration of collective marks. In addition the registration of a collective mark must always include certain rules or regulations for use of the mark.

Regulations for the use of collective marks

These regulations should be brief, but state:

  • Who has a right to use the mark and on what terms
  • What the consequences will be for incorrect or irregular use, for example if the mark is used by someone who has no right to use it or if it is misused
  • The mark holder's rights and obligation vis-à-vis users, and also the possible right to inspection by designated monitoring authorities, for example whether or not the holder should have the right to check whether the user's goods comply with established quality requirements
  • The holder's obligation to be accountable for anyone using the mark without complying with the regulations for use of the mark
  • Whether the holder should be obliged for example to sue anyone misusing the mark for damages.

How to apply for a collective mark?

To apply for a collective mark, use the same application form as for trademark registration, and send it to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO). You will find a link to the application form on the page "Apply for a trademark in Norway"

How much does it cost to apply for a collective mark?

Application fee for registration for up to three classes of goods or services is NOK 4000. If you wish to register your collective mark for more than three classes, you must pay an extra fee per class.

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