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Compax: With an international market, they are aware of what they want to protect

"If there's a toilet, there's a market." Compax has developed a waste compactor for toilet rooms, and sees sales potential far beyond Norway's borders. Then it is smart to have a conscious relationship with what information they share, and what they want to protect with patents, trademark and design registration.

With Compax's innovative solution, it is possible to fit up to 10 times more waste in the same bag before the waste container has to be emptied, compared to other products on the market. This means you don't have to empty the container as often. In addition, the waste container must collect data through sensors and be connected to the network. By visualizing historical data and using real-time information about visitors and the amount of waste in the toilet rooms, the operation of the toilet rooms and buildings can become more efficient and demand-driven.

The technology behind the compactor means that the product is cheaper and lighter than competing solutions. It is also wall mounted, which is often a requirement to facilitate the cleaning of the toilet rooms.

Conscious IPR strategy

Compax has carried out a preliminary investigation into the core technology of the product to see what already exists and has been patented by others. Based on this, they have prepared a thorough patent application in collaboration with Håmsø Patentbyrå. They have applied for a patent in Norway, and will also apply internationally. Compax works actively with the IPR strategy and considers both patents, trademarks and design protection, and what information they want to share.

– For us, it is important to secure our IP rights in an established market consisting of large players. By having a solid IPR strategy, we show that we take the topic seriously and can thus prevent copying of the product.

Jonas Fossnes Blekastad

CEO Compax Solutions AS

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Jonas Fossnes Blekastad

CEO Compax Solutions AS

Financing and future plans

Compax has received public support from several public programmes. This includes, among others, NTNU Discovery, Innovation Norway and the Research Council. The company has also raised investor capital through StartupLab in Oslo, and has carried out successful pilot tests with several players. The next step in the process is to start production of the compactor.

- First we will focus on the Norwegian market, but we will quickly start international sales. The market for compactors is large, and it is not without reason that we use the slogan "If there's a toilet, there's a market.", says Jonas Fossnes Blekastad, CEO of Compax Solutions AS.

About the company

Compax Solutions AS was established in Trondheim in 2017, stemming from NTNU's School of Entrepreneurship. The company currently consists of four full-time employees, but will now expand the team with more employees at its new offices in Fornebu outside Oslo. Compax's vision is to create new, innovative solutions for a more efficient and sustainable society.

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