Application process timeline

Here are the most important steps to follow when applying for a patent.

  • Før du søker


    Apply for patent, design or trademark?

    Check that applying for a patent is the correct protection for you

  • Before you apply


  • Før du søker


  • 4-7 months

    Norwegian Industrial Property Office

    First evaluation of the application

    Within 4-7 months you will receive a letter which will tell you whether your application can lead to a patent or not. Here the application’s description and patent claims will have been evaluated and compared with prior art that we have searched for. We will give you a response deadline within which deficiencies in the application can be corrected.

  • 4-12 months


    Reply to us before the deadline

    If all of the criteria have been met and you have rectified the potential deficiencies in the application, it can now be approved for a patent if you wish.

  • Before 12 months


    Will you apply for patents in other countries?

    Have you considered applying for patent protection for the same invention in other countries? Then you must do so within 12 months of the application date to keep the same priority date as your Norwegian application.

  • 18 months

    Norwegian Industrial Property Office


    The application will be published 18 months after the filing date. This means that the application and all correspondence relating to the case will be published in the patent registry and can be read by everyone in the world.

    If you retract your application before 18 months, then we will not publish it.

  • Norwegian Industrial Property Office

    Granted patent or rejection

    If the invention is patentable and the formalities of the application are in order, then the patent application is approved. The patent will then be published and made available for the whole world.

  • After a patent is granted


    Use the patent

    When your patent has been granted, you will have several opportunities to achieve financial gain from your investments. A patent can open doors for collaboration agreements, and the patent can form an important part of your business strategy. You should also take care that others do not infringe your rights.