Before you apply

There are a number of things you should enquire about before beginning a patent application.

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Check if your invention is new

Before you proceed with your patent application, it is a good idea to check if other inventions exist that resemble yours, as this could prevent your application from being successful. Read more about search in databases.

Assistance from others

Patent is a complex field and it is therefore easy to make mistakes. If you do not have much experience with patenting, or have little time to dedicate to the application process, you should consider consulting a professional patent attorney.

A patent attorney can help you to, amongst other things, prepare and compose your patent application. There are a number of strict requirements and deadlines to observe in the patent application process. A patent attorney can assist you by following up on these, in addition to dealing with various payments such as annual fees.

Just 1 in 10

that apply without professional help are successful in protecting their patent


Keep your idea secret

The most common mistake that inventors make is to make their idea public too early, for example on the internet, in a lecture, in a product demonstration, advertisement or article.

If you disclose your idea before you send in your patent application, you have made it public. This can obstruct you from obtaining a patent.

Is your idea new?

You should check if others may have the rights to the same technology in Norway or abroad. You can do this in several ways.

You can use preliminary examinations to check what inventions and technologies already exist to avoid infringing on the IP rights of others. You can also use preliminary examinations to find inspiration in developing your own ideas. 

– Novelty searches from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office are a fast and efficient way to compare your ideas against existing technologies in the early phase of development.

Ola Erik Fjellstad

IPR manager, Kongsberg Seatex AS

Apply abroad?

If you have applied for a patent in a country (Norway for example) and want to apply for a patent in additional countries, you must make sure to apply within 12 months from when you first submitted your application in the first country.

Do you own your invention?

Have you made a discovery in connection with your work? Are you unsure about what rights you have to your invention? It is possible that there are specific rules for your workplace. It is also possible to transfer the rights to an invention.

How much does it cost?

The fees for applying for a patent are dependent on how many countries you apply for patent protection in and which countries they are.

See the price overview of fees and charges.

How much time will it take?

See the overview of the application process in the timeline.

Does the invention have a unique design or name?

Does your invention have a distinctive design or name/logo? Patent has a novelty requirement, which means that the invention must not be shown to others before you submit the patent application. For design, the novelty requirement is moderated, such that a design can be shown publicly for up to 12 months before you submit your application.

If you wish to combine patent and design registration, you must consider the following:

  • The design application must not be made public before you have applied for your patent.
  • The design application must be submitted 12 months after the patent application has been made publicly available at the latest due to the grace period.

If you would like to use a name or logo as an identifier for your product, you should consider registering it as a trademark.

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Begin a patent application

Go directly to the application wizard to begin the application process. The link leads to a login page. After logging in, you can begin the application.

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How to write a patent application

There are strict requirements regarding the structure and content of a patent application. All necessary details must be present at the time of submission. Get an overview of what a patent application must comprise of.

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