Fees - Price List for Patents

How much does it cost to patent your invention?

Application Fee

You must pay an application fee when applying for a patent. The application fee will be charged when you file your application with payment deadline of one month.

  • Companies with more than 20 full-time employees (or equivalent): NOK 4650
  • Companies with 20 or less full-time employees (or equivalent) (small company or private person): NOK 850
  • Additional fee for each patent claim in excess of ten: NOK 250

The regulations define a small company as a business with a permanent staff of no more than 20 full-time employees (or the equivalent full- and part-time). The number of employees in companies that are a subsidiary of one another, must be combined when deciding whether or not the applicant is a small company. The applicant may be requested to produce documentary proof of the business being a small company.

A private person is an individual representing only himself / herself.

About additional fee for number of claims beyond 10: If you specify the number of claims when you file the application, we will invoice the additional fee together with the application fee. If you do not specify the number of claims when filing the application, we will send you a letter giving you the opportunity to reduce the number of claims within three months. The additional fee for claims is then invoiced at the expiry of the three-month deadline. If you request this before the three-month deadline expires, we will send an invoice for the additional fee immediately.

Need help to formulate your application?

Since writing a patent application is a complex area that few have a thorough knowledge of, we recommend the assistance of a patent attorney to formulate your application. This will increase your chance of getting your patent application approved, and of getting good protection. You must calculate some costs for this type of assistance.

Fees for granting a patent

Before a patent is granted, a fee is payable:

  1. Basic fee: NOK 1200
  2. Additional fee for each page in excess of 14 (with the exception of claims translated into Norwegian for English language applications, and for sequence lists, which are exempt from the page fee): NOK 250
  3. Additional fee for each new patent claim over 10: NOK 250

The fee for grant falls due when the applicant has been notified that a patent may be granted. An invoice will be sent to the applicant.

Validation fee for European patents (EP-patenter): more information under International patents further down this page.

Annual Fees

In order to maintain your patent in Norway, you must pay an annual fee to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

We will not send you an invoice for annual fees, but we will send you a letter of notice when the annual fee is due.

The annual fee for applications and Norwegian patents falls due for the first time at the beginning of the patent application's third year. The first three years cost a total of NOK 2100.

Annual fees for year 1 to 20

1st fee year ....NOK 700
2nd fee year ....NOK 700
3rd fee year ....NOK 700
4th fee year ....NOK 1350
5th fee year ....NOK 1650
6th fee year ....NOK 2000
7th fee year ....NOK 2200
8th fee year ....NOK 2550
9th fee year ....NOK 2850
10th fee year ....NOK 3200
11th fee year ....NOK 3500
12th fee year ....NOK 3850
13th fee year ....NOK 4200
14th fee year ....NOK 4500
15th fee year ....NOK 4850
16th fee year ....NOK 5200
17th fee year ....NOK 5500
18th fee year ....NOK 5800
19th fee year ....NOK 6200
20th fee year ....NOK 6500
21st fee year ....NOK 6500 SPC
22nd fee year ....NOK 6500 SPC
23th fee year ....NOK 6500 SPC
24th fee year ....NOK 6500 SPC
25th fee year ....NOK 6500 SPC
26th fee year ....NOK 6500 SPC

Accumulated annual fees

This list of fees is used for divisional patent applications. An applicant may request that a patent application be divided into one or more new applications if several inventions are described in the parent application. The applicant must then pay the total annual fees for the divided application calculated from the filing date for the original application up to and including the last annual fee payable.

1-3 fee year: NOK 2 100
1-4 fee year: NOK 3 450
1-5 fee year: NOK 5 100
1-6 fee year: NOK 7 100
1-7 fee year: NOK 9 300
1-8 fee year: NOK 11 850
1-9 fee year: NOK 14 700
1-10 fee year: NOK 17 900
1-11 fee year: NOK 21 400
1-12 fee year: NOK 25 250
1-13 fee year: NOK 29 450
1-14 fee year: NOK 33 950
1-15 fee year: NOK 38 800
1-16 fee year: NOK 44 000
1-17 fee year: NOK 49 500
1-18 fee year: NOK 55 300
1-19 fee year: NOK 61 500
1-20 fee year: NOK 68 000

A patent lasts for up to 20 years, but an annual renewal fee is payable to keep the patent in force each year. Patent protection expires if the annual renewal fees are not paid.

You may pay the annual fee up to six months before or after the due date. If you pay after the due date a late fee of NOK 700 is payable, in addition to the annual fee.

For pharmaceutical and plant protection products it is possible in certain cases to apply for a five-year extension (SPC).

Extension: The Norwegian Industrial Property Office may grant an extension of the time limit for paying annual fees if the inventor is the applicant or holder of the patent, and has considerable difficulties in paying the annual fee. The request must be made no later than the date on which the annual fee falls due for the first time. An extension may be granted for up to three years at a time, but no longer than three years from the patent being granted.
More information on how and when annual fees are to be paid  

Payment deadlines are final

All payment deadlines are final. You must pay the fee well before the deadline in order to avoid late fees, and possible dismissal of your application or patent. The fee should be in NIPO's bank account on the due date.

We do not accept checks or cash for payment of fees.
Information concerning bank accounts etc

If you have not complied with the deadline, you may, in some cases, request that your application be taken up for examination again.
Read more about the possibility of further processing.

Annual renewal fees for validated EP patents

Annual renewal fees for validated EP patents are first due the year after the EPO has granted the patent. If the EP patent is published by EPO during the second year, calculated from the date of filing of the application, renewal fees are payable for the third year and each subsequent year. The annual fee is the same as for national patents.

Fee for validating and maintaining EP patents

When we receive your application and documentation for validating a European patent in Norway, or for maintaining your patent in an amended form following the centralised procedures at the EPO, we will send you an invoice.

  • The fee for European patents, which have been granted or maintained by the EPO in an amended form after 16 January 2016: NOK 5500.
  • Payment deadline: this will appear on our invoice and will usually be one month from when we sent out the invoice.

Corrections of translations for European patent applications and validated EP patents 

You must submit a translation to the NIPO, both for application for provisional patent protection, for application for validation, and for application to maintain the patent in an amended form.

If it appears later that the translation contains errors, you can submit a correction of the previously submitted translation.

  • Correction fee: when we receive your application for correction, we will charge you a fee of NOK 1200.
  • Payment deadline: this will appear on our invoice and will usually be one month from when we sent out the invoice.

More information concerning fees and deadlines for validating EP patents

Other fees

Resumption fee

You will receive an invoice for this fee.

  • First resumption: NOK 550
  • Second resumption: NOK 1950

Administrative review

You will receive an invoice for this fee.

  • Request for administrative review of a patent: NOK 8800.

Patent limitation

You will receive an invoice for this fee.

  • Request for patent limitation: NOK 7000

Application for Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC)

For pharmaceutical and plant protection products it is possible in certain cases to apply for a five-year extension.

  • Fee for SPC: NOK 2200
  • Extension of SPC: NOK 2000


Oppositions must be submitted within nine months after the grant of a patent. Oppositions are free.

Oppositions on the grounds that the patent is granted in violation of the Patent Act §1b can be submitted up to three years after grant.

If the opposition comes after the first deadline (nine months): NOK 5500

Notification of change in ownership / merger

Changes in ownership must be reported to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, so that we can update our registers.

  • This service is free of charge.

Mortgaging a patent

  • The fee for registering a mortgage in a patent, patent application, or for registering a mortgage for a patent licence: NOK 500
  •  If two or more patents, patent applications or patent licences are to be security for the same claim, the fee for each registration beyond the first one: NOK 100
  • Read more about mortgaging patents

Registering licences and change of ownership

  • This service is free

Priority certificates and certified copies


Link to regulations

For more detailed information concerning fees, please refer to the official regulations.


Fees for international applications submitted to NIPO as Receiving Office

Fees for international applications submitted to NIPO as Receiving Office, see:

Costs connected to international applications

Overview of the total costs that may be incurred for patenting in Norway and for international patenting.

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