Horizon 2020 and IPR

When applying for funds from Horizon 2020 you must be able to document how you manage and develop intellectual property rights. Obtain basic knowledge about IPR and create a management plan for your company's intellectual property rights, a so-called IPR strategy.

IPR in a Horizon 2020 application

Before you start an application process for Horizon 2020 funds, you must document and determine the value of your own intellectual property rights. In a collaborative project, agreements are made about IPR, including what is brought in to the project and the results.

Securing investments and spreading expertise 

Horizon 2020 is one of the world's largest research and innovation programmes aimed at strengthening European industry through research and technological development. In order to secure investments, the protection of intangible assets is an important activity. Managing IPR requires time and resources, but the advantage is an opportunity to spread expertise and share new technology while retaining rights and revenues.

Information Sheet on Horizon 2020 and IPR

Read useful information about Horizon 2020 and develop your IPR-skills.
Horizon 2020 and IPR (PDF)

Courses and help with proposals

Would you like to learn more about IPR in Horizon 2020?
The Research Council of Norway offer courses and assistance 

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