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The primary role of the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) is to promote innovation and value creation.

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Get in touch if you have questions about trademark, design and patent rights. Our award-winning customer center will help you as soon as they can.

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Work with us

NIPO is the workplace for you if you enjoy challenging work tasks, a good professional and social working environment and flexibility in everyday life. Join us in turning ideas into assets.

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Are you looking for information about intellectual property rights, statistics or statements? Our press contacts accept all inquiries from the media.

This is NIPO

Since 1911, the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) has helped businesses to take care of intellectual properties by granting patent, trademark and design rights.​

We turn ideas into assets and protect innovations that become traditions.​​

We are a co-player and facilitate good management of intangible assets, which will help secure investments, improve profitability, secure jobs and increase value creation for businesses in Norway.​

We play an active part in research, the innovation environment and the business community - in addition to our role as an authority.

Turn ideas into assets


Our vision

"Gjør ideer til verdier" - turning ideas into assets. Our vision touches the core of our activities. It refers both to the business side of intellectual property, and to a broader, collective perspective. This phrase can also be interpreted as a call to action for our customers.

Our values

NIPO has four basic values that should characterize our daily work and the choices we make. These values help us to keep our vision alive, be committed to society and reach our goals. We work actively to live up to these values, and regularly ask ourselves and our customers if we are acting in accordance with them. We must be:

  • trustworthy
  • customer oriented
  • committed
  • solution oriented

Our tasks

NIPO processes applications and grants rights to patents, trademarks and designs in Norway, for both Norwegian and foreign businesses. We organize courses and hold lectures about the value of intellectual property rights and how they can be secured and used to create value. In addition, we carry out various types of preliminary investigations on assignment. Here we provide an overview of the technology area and provide preliminary assessments of new inventions, trademarks and designs.

NIPO is a partner in the Nordic Patent Institute (NPI) and thus the international examining authority for patent applications through the PCT international application system. NPI also carries out various patent searches and analyzes for foreign businesses.

Contact information

Organization Number: 971 526 157
Postal Address: Patentstyret,
Postboks 4863 Nydalen,
N-0422 Oslo
Address: Innspurten 11C, 0663 Oslo
E-mail: post@patentstyret.no
Support Center: +47 22 38 73 00

Telephone enquiries: Monday– Friday 9am – 3pm.

We are open every weekday.

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