Four babies in a bed with bodysuits marked with Anue.

Anue secures the rights to obtain a competitive advantage

Anue has developed an aid for taking care of donor milk. They invest globally, and make sure to secure rights in the markets they enter.

Anue is a health technology company from Bodø, which was established by pediatric nurse Jeanette Grønnslett in 2018. The company has developed, patented and launched a closed system for collecting, storing, testing and distributing donor milk. This is a technology that can be used within several different industries, and with global market potential. They currently offer the Anue Concept Kit to their hospital customers.

Rettar provides a competitive advantage

- It has been important for us to protect our technology in order to secure our competitive advantage in the market, and safeguard the company's intellectual property rights, says the company's managing director, Jeanett Grønnslett. - The technology is transferable to other industries, and our patents can become a source of income through license agreements with stakeholders. They currently have a patent in the UK, and will probably get it in the EU during the autumn. Furthermore, they have applied to Canada, the USA, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, China, India, Australia and Israel.

They have 6 design protections in Norway and the EU. The name and logo are trademark protected in several categories in Norway, and have been applied for registration in the EU, Israel and the USA.

– Rights such as patents and trademarks are important to Anue. It gives us a strong position in the market, and the opportunity to strengthen and build our brand.

Jeanette Grønnslett

Children's nurse and managing director of Anue

Jeanette Grønnslett

Children's nurse and managing director of Anue

Anue has a conscious IP strategy. They have chosen to go quite wide with the patent itself, and select new markets for the trademark as they enter new countries.

They have so far not experienced copying or that someone has violated their rights.

This is how the product works

Anue company presentation [duration 1:37]

External help important

Anue has used external professional expertise for the application process, and Grønnslett says they have received very good help from Dehns and Bryn Aarflott. She is also very satisfied with the very good advice from Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Patent Office, right from the idea phase.

Advice for other businesses

- Check out what existing solutions are available before starting any patent process. The Norwegian Industrial Property Office can help with this, says Grønnslett. - Have good confidentiality agreements when you collaborate with others, and do not share sensitive information publicly before a patent application has been submitted!

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Published on 13. may 2024