After you have obtained a right

Once you have obtained a trademark right, you should actively use it. You should also consider whether you need international registration if you operate outside Norway. A trademark registration lasts for 10 years, and must be renewed after that.

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Applying abroad?

If you are going to sell or produce goods or services in other countries, it may be wise to apply for trademark registration there as well. It is important that you apply within six months since you submitted your application in Norway. Read more about different ways to apply abroad.

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Keep an eye on your competitors

It can be interesting to keep an eye on what others are doing, for instance your competitors. Make simple searches in our database or set up alerts so that you can follow up over a longer period.


The registration lasts for 10 years. After that you must pay a renewal fee every 10 years to maintain your registration. If you do not pay the required fees, your registration will cease. 

Duty of use

You must start using your trademark within five years of registration. If you do not use your trademark within this deadline, this may lead to us deleting the registration. 

Changes in your registration

If there have been changes to your registration, for example change of name, address, owner or attorney, you must report this to us in writing before renewing your registration. 


You can out-license your trademark, so that others can use it commercially. In that way, you can reach out to new markets and get others to do the marketing and selling work. Trademarks can also be licensed in, by paying for the rights to use other’s marks. 

What can you do if you are copied?

Have you discovered that others are using a trademark similar to yours for the same or similar goods or services? This may be a violation of your rights.

Contact the other party 

You can contact the other party and explain your point of view. It is advisable to make contact in writing which you can later document. You should attach a copy of your registration and ask the other party to stop using the trademark. In many cases, you can succeed in stopping the use when you can document that you have exclusive rights to the trademark.


If the other party does not agree with you or does not take your rights into account, you can go to court. Then you should contact a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property rights. A documented right in the form of a trademark registration will be of great importance in any legal proceedings.

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Objections against registration of a trademark

You may find that others make objections against your trademark during different stages in the case handling. This may lead to us refusing registration or cancelling a registration. Read more about appeal options here.

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The registration of a trademark is valid for 10 years. If you wish to maintain the right after 10 years, you must pay a renewal fee.

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Have you made a plan for your assets?

Did you know that as much as 90% of the assets in innovative companies can be intellectual property? It is therefore important that these values are managed correctly. A well-thought-out strategy is as important to commercial success as financing, marketing and sales.

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Create value through licensing

Do you want to find new business opportunities and sources of income? Maybe you dream of selling your products in new markets?

Read about how licensing can open doors to new opportunities.

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